Progress is slow, but there is progress. In this comic, we see Devin, Torgo, and a plate of cookies. I would say that Devin and Torgo are two of the main characters in the comic, but really all I have so far are ‘main’ characters. Well, I guess I can’t really have 5 main characters, so if I had to choose two, here they are.

You probably noticed that this comic page is really just two drawings, repeated. A lot of comics–even the most well-known ones–do this. They use the same drawings throughout a comic, while slightly changing the poses and expressions of the character(s). When this comic is complete, there will be color, dialog, and the characters will change from panel-to-panel. I just want to start getting *something* up while I’m learning and refining.

By they way, if anyone is reading this–let me know.   ;)