You’d be forgiven for believing that Gamebreak Online has no focus, no premise. What’s it about?

No, really–you tell me. I need some help with this.

Actually, I’ve known what the comic was going to be about from the time I chose the domain name. Gamebreak Online is about a group of (mostly) gamers that run an Internet gaming center–thus the name Gamebreak Online. The reason I’ve made comics about anything but the core idea of the comic is that I can’t decide on the design for the other characters.

There are five main characters, and I’m only really satisfied with one–Torgo, who is the subject of the comic above. Derek is the manager of GBO–he’s the one yelling from off-panel.

I’m looking forward to introducing the other characters, because it will give me a lot more to work with. I don’t know exactly when they’ll show up, but they’re coming.

- Devin