I love you, technology–so why must you hurt me so?

I recently upgraded to the Kindle Touch from my Kindle 3, and have really been enjoying it. I thought we had a good relationship; between the word games and the dozens of literary classics stored within its enormous vault,  it made me feel smarter. I would stroke it lovingly, and it would respond immediately by transporting me to worlds that I had not imagined. Usually these worlds involved a lot of aliens, ninjas, and cybernetic soldiers. I’ve yet to read any of the aforementioned classics–but they still make me feel smarter just by being there.

So what has come between me and my latest techno-romance? BUGS! I didn’t really think I’d run into this kind of a problem on a Kindle, but sadly, it is so. Despite multiple resets of both the normal and factory variety, I keep getting the error “Unable to open application.” I talked to an Amazon customer service rep, and he is supposed to get back to me tomorrow night. I have the feeling that despite all the troubleshooting he had me do, and whatever suggestions he may have tomorrow, I’ll have to send this back to Amazon for replacement.

It’s enough to make me consider going back to risking paper cuts.

Nah, this is just a lover’s quarrel.

- Devin