One of the cool things about Mass Effect 3 is that you can use powers, switch weapons, and give your squad orders through Kinect using voice commands. The best part for me is being able to select conversation options the same way–it’s very immersive. You can even ad-lib a bit; so if the option you want to choose is “I’m not leaving you here!” you can add to the beginning or end of that text. For instance, I might say “I’m not leaving you here! Who will give me a happy ending after my massages?” and it will still work. Sweet.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t care whose voice it hears, which allows for situations like in today’s comic.

Apparently I’m going to be disappointed by the ending of the game, but I’m moving through it pretty slowly and from what I’ve read, the ending may be different by the time I get there.

- Devin