The DLC that is referred to in the first panel is a real thing. I don’t like it and it makes me grumpy. If you’re playing a SP game then by all means, take shortcuts. But not in MY multi-player game. Unlocking all the upgrades for even one class is a very time-consuming affair, which helps keep the average player at a level that is somewhat less than a point-and-click killing machine. This DLC falls under the pay-to-win category as far as I’m concerned. With great power comes the ability to kick ass.

I really don’t understand what the appeal of this DLC is. I mean, I do. It’s for people that value “winning” above all else. I guess that’s the part I don’t understand. The unlockables are what keep me playing, and I think that’s true for most people. This problem may take care of itself.

- Devin